Free summer: ticks / fleas / mosquitoes for your dogs and cats,  100% natural .

Dogs: apply 1 drop every 5 to 7cm on the spine and 1 drop under the armpits and chest, 2 days in a row and then every 8 to 15 days.
Cats: 2 drops behind the head and at the base of the tail, one on the chest, to be renewed every 8 to 15 days or more often if necessary. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes do not swallow. Tix Phyt can also help to get a tick if it is already implanted. For this it is enough to put a few drops on the tick and she will pick up in 24 hours.
The frequency of the application and the amount of product will depend on the sensitivity of each animal to parasites and the environment, if your dog lives in apartment in town for example or in the countryside or on a farm. In very rare cases, your pet may have a reaction to EO, stop the products.

Composition: Essential oils of: Tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, vegetable oil of macadamia, jojoba, margosa, sweet almond.
The essential oils contained in Eco 'Tix can be applied safely on cats as well. Actually some HE are toxic for cats such as thyme, oregano, clove, basil, grapefruit, cypress, fir, juniper, camphor, peppermint, cinnamon, laurel, pine, lemon, orange.

: 50 ml bottle with dropper.
Keep out of reach of children in a cool, dark place.

**For cats, the use of essential oils is possible provided that oils with a high ketone or phenol content are avoided. Indeed, cats do not have ** glucuronyltransferase, and therefore can not eliminate aromatic terpenes loads as fast as the man or the dog, which will have toxic side effects in the liver and nervous system. We of course garanty that Tix'Phyt do not contain any of these oils.

We only provide information to support and improve the health of your pet in a natural way. In Belgium, it is established by law that only a veterinarian can establish a medical diagnosis and give medical treatment.



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