Terms of Use

The use of the site www.vitalherbspets.be is subjected to conditions and following restrictions. Access in and use of the site www.vitalherbspets.be (below " the site ") implicate that the user accepts following statements:

General terms of sale Zoma Sprl

1. Field of application

The present General terms of Sale apply to any order of products performed by means of the Service such as defined in the Article 3 and offered on the Internet site www.vitalherbspets.be, the possible general terms of the Purchaser not being application.
Dispositions opposite to the present General terms of Sale will be applicable only for the express and written approval of www.vitalherbspets.be.

2. Co-ordinated by www.vitalherbspets.be

www.vitalherbspets.be-ZOMA SPRL
Drève de l'Infante 27 box P5, Waterloo – Belgium
Phone: 0032 (0) 477591388
VAT: BE 0866.326.004
Number of firm: BE 0866.326.004

3. Definition of Service and addressees

By Service, they hear the service of online purchase of products sold by or under the supervision of www.sellerie-dupagne.com offered on the part of the Internet site of www.vitalherbspets.be, accessible from the www.vitalherbspets.be address unique URL
Service and products which are offered are so much intended there for the individuals acting in their consumer's quality (that is to say who acquire or use products acquired via Service for aims excluding any professional character) or of professional that to the legal entities (below one or several "Purchasers (s) ").

4. Conclusion of the contract and acceptance of general terms

Products introduced in the purchase by means of Service constitute no way a contractual proposal so that the simple will demonstrated by the Purchaser to acquire them, except the process of signing of order detailed below, cannot give rise to her only a contractual relation.
On the contrary, the accomplishment of the below described process of order hires the Purchaser by contract, www.vitalherbs.be being legitimately hired in relation to the Purchaser only as from the dispatch of a confirmation of acceptance parwww.vitalherbspets.be its order, as well as displayed below and for validation of the real payment by the supplier of the service of electronic payment.
Without prejudice to what precedes, www.vitalherbs.be is authorised, any time and without prior notification, to suspend the sale of products, to change the assortment of products or to change the valuable range of its products, being heard that these modifications will have no influence on orders beforehand accepted by www.vitalherbspets.be. By filling and by validating the form of order, for sure the Purchaser accepts, unconditionally, the present General terms of Sale as well as the Charter of Protection of Private life.
www.vitalherbspets.be reserves the right to change the present General terms without notification. The new changed General terms will be applied instantly except as for already accepted orders www.vitalherbspets.be and who remain governed by General terms in force in the date of confirmation.

5. Process of signing of order

The Purchaser goes through the Internet site www.vitalherbspets.be and chosen the products which he wishes.
Further to the research performed personally, the Purchaser chooses one or several products which he offers to acquire via the icon "to Add to the basket".
At the end of the stage of selection of products, the Purchaser clicks on the icon "to Confirm and to pay my order" and is informed about the method of delivery offered by www.vitalherbspets.be Any order passed as part of this Service is reputed final at the end of four successive stages mentioned below.
Every stage is successively crossed by the "Following" "click" of an icon of confirmation. If the Purchaser wants to change an element of his order, he clicks on the icon "Precedent". During the last confirmation, the Purchaser gets involved by contract.a. Details of order

A Web page taking back the details of order (outline of order) performed by the Purchaser is offered to this one for the purposes of confirmation.
The details of order include:

- Quantity and name of the ordered products;
- The unit price of every product, the complete price of included order VAT, possible expenses of treatment;
- The mode of delivery;

If the Purchaser wants to change or to correct his order, he clicks on the icon "Precedent".
If the Purchaser wants to follow his order, he confirms the acceptance of the General terms of Sale of www.vitalherbs.be, of the Charter of Protection of Private life and of Disclaimer by checking the box envisaged with this effect and clicks then on the icon "According to ".
If an error is discerned in order, a message of error is shown from detection of said error.

b. Address of the Purchaser and address of delivery

At the end of the first stage, the Purchaser is invited to encode data concerning him (address of the domicile or of invoicing) as well as the address of delivery of order.
For the professional purchaser (professional purchases), the bill of purchase is téléchargeable in format PDF in the credit account.
Once these encoded data, the client follows his order then by clicking on the icon "According to " and achieves so the third stage.

c. Choice of the method of payment

In this third stage,

- Let be the Purchaser chooses to pay via Credit card.
- Let be the Purchaser chooses to pay by Bancontact.
- Let be the Purchaser chooses to pay cashless

Once the selection of the method of payment performed, the client follows his order by clicking on the icon "to Confirm and to place order".

d. Payment and Validation

In this fourth and last stage, the purchaser is invited to introduce his banking information and to validate them. At this stadium, it is still possible to him to cancel its order by clicking on the icon "Annuler ".

6. Confirmation by www.vitalherbspets.be and execution of order

The Purchaser receives, by email, a confirmation of his order.
This confirmation includes:
- The number of order
- The date of signing of order
- The address of the Purchaser and the address of delivery
- The details of order such as listed in the article 5, has, in this including the complete price of order, VAT included
- Co-ordinates www.vitalherbspets.be (See articles «Co-ordinated www.vitalherbspets.be» and «Contact and Customer Service Department»)
- The modalities of exercise of the right of renunciation of the Purchaser (only real in case of order performed by a consumer, such as a defined in the article 3)www.vitalherbspets.be reserves the right to suspend or to refuse the confirmation of order in following cases listed limitativement:
- Wrong or incomplete order;
- Communication of apparently erroneous data;
- Non-payment of previous deliveries or refusal of permission on behalf of the financial organism of the Purchaser (cfr. infra: payment);

7. Proof

Nonwithstanding any proof written or kept on another lasting support in which will have access the Purchaser, it was necessary that computerised registers, kept in the computerised systems of www.vitalherbspets.be, its hébergeur or its partner of payment, constitute the proof of communications, of contents of orders and of all transactions between parts.

8. Offer, prices and modifications

Offer and price are valid the day of consultation of the site www.vitalherbspets.be; they can be changed any time, being heard that these modifications will have no influence on the obligations of parts relating to orders beforehand confirmed by www.vitalherbspets.be. If necessary, any change of the rate of Belgian VAT will be able to be immediately reverberated on prices pointed out.
All other indirect taxes, taxes, rights and present samples and to come (with the exception of taxes on income and benefit) which would be raised by an authority at occasion or in accordance with sales subjected to the present General terms of Sale, are always in load of the Purchaser and if necessary owed on top of the price of products.
Prices offered at the end of the process of order are total prices and include, except opposite mention, Belgian VAT and possible administrative expenses.
Prices are drawn up in Euro.

9. Availability

The offer of products and price of www.vitalherbspets.be is valid as long as they are visible on the site www.vitalherbspets.be, within the limits of the available supplies to www.vitalherbspets.be or her suppliers.
In case of unavailability of a product, the Purchaser is informed about it and can cancel his order by contacting the Customer Service Department of www.vitalherbspets.be (co-ordinates of which are pointed out in the article 23).
In any case, www.vitalherbspets.be will not be possible be kept representative for damage resulting from the unavailability of a product.

10. Delivery

Order will be delivered at delivery pointed out by the Purchaser in the process of order and according to definite modalities.
The ordered products will be able to be delivered only at an address located in Europe, with the exception of a post office box.
Delivery will be performed by reassured dispatch. The document resulting from the scanning performed during the delivery of order will constitute a presumption of the real store of order (and of its good reception by the Purchaser), which will be authentic, except opposite proof brought by the Purchaser.

11. Invoicing

www.vitalherbspets.be issues VAT from bill in the sense of legislation on only for the professional Purchaser (professional purchases) and as far as this last introduces the number of VAT either, in extremis, the number of firm or the national number into the field envisaged with this effect.
If the Purchaser (professional) wants to get a bill of purchase mentioning a different address from the address of delivery, he can, at the time of order, specify an address by validating the option envisaged with this effect on the form of order and by encoding adequate data there (see the article 5.b.).
www.vitalherbspets.be has however the obligation to send a bill of purchase to the domicile of the Purchaser.
A bill of purchase is however always available in format PDF in the credit account.
Price applied for the invoicing is the price mentioned on the part of the Internet site of www.vitalherbspets.be, accessible from address URL WWW.VITALHERBSPETS.BE the day of order. No condition of commercial delivery will be applied to purchases performed by means of Service.

12. Delivery time

www.vitalherbspets.be will make sure that order is treated as soon as possible.
Delivery time mentioned in the process of order (stage 1 of the process of signing of order) is medium delays of treatment and of delivery and is mentioned only in title purely indicative. www.vitalherbspets.be will not be able to be kept representative for possible delays in the treatment of orders or in their delivery.
In case the Purchaser would bring the proof, in accordance with the article 10, that order was not delivered within 30 days calendar after its confirmation, it is possible for the Purchaser to cancel it, without indemnification, as far as it means him by means of e-mail in info@vitalherbspets.be or of mail recommended in co-ordinates appearing in the article 23 of the present general terms.
The sums which the Purchaser would have already poured would then be reimbursed to him in 30 days as from the reception of the request of termination.
www.vitalherbspets.be reserves the right to divide up the delivery of products because of their available funds. In case of delivery divided up by an order in different dates, the last delivered product will have to be it for the aforementioned delay of 30 days.

13. Expenses of treatment

Expenses of treatment which the Purchaser will possibly have to support are announced, online, at the time of order and added, in the e-mail of confirmation, to the price of the ordered product (s) (s).
If www.vitalherbspets.be divides up the delivery, for reasons of availability, expenses of treatment will be carried in count only once.

14.1 Nonconformity

All products offered by means of Service are described with the best intentions and as truthfully as possible. Pictures introduced on the Internet site of www.vitalherbspets.be have however no contractual value.
If the received product does not correspond to the product which the Purchaser ordered or if it is harmed, it is possible for the Purchaser to turn it in www.vitalherbspets.be, within 14 days after delivery.
www.vitalherbspets.be will exchange the product or reimburse sum of order as well as possible administrative expenses, within 30 days calendar after reception of the turned product. When the time expires of 14 days, the delivered products are not taken back and reimbursed.
www.vitalherbspets.be however reserves the right to refuse to reimburse the turned products when these went back harmed.
Generally speaking, an order will be reputed delivered in accordance with the article 10, or according to information pointed out on the document resulting from the scanning performed during the delivery of order.
If, however, one or several product (s) ordered (s) calendar after confirmation of order does not reach at delivery announced within 30 days, it would be up to the Purchaser to put on in relation, for the reasonable delay, with the Customer Service Department of www.vitalherbpets.be co-ordinates of which are taken back in the article 23, to prove the status of its order.
In case it would prove to be, in conditions taken back in the article 10, that the dispatch which would have been performed would have got lost during the process of www.vitalherbspets.be delivery would undertake a new dispatch or would reimburse the sum of order in this including displayed expenses of treatment.
The obligation to deliver in 30 days is however applied only in l ‘respect of the consumers and can, also in that case, make the object of an infringement (article 81 LPCC).

14.2 Guarantee

The guarantee of the offered products www.vitalherbspets.be is assured by their producers conditions defined by them.

15. Right of renunciation

In accordance with the Belgian law of July 14th, 1991 on practices of trade and protection and information of the consumer, the Purchaser who acts as consumer (such as defined in the article 3) has a delay of 14 working days, as from the following day of the date of delivery of order, to notify, possibly, to www.vitalherbspets.be that he abandons his purchase. This right of renunciation does not belong to the professional Purchaser.
If the purchase concerns individual products, the consumer does not benefit from this right.
This notification of renunciation can be accomplished by means of e-mail in info@vitalherbspets.be or of registered mail addressed in the Customer Service Department of www.vitalherbspets.be co-ordinates of which are mentioned in the article 23.
The right of renunciation of the Purchaser is subordinated to the dismissal of whole delivery within 3 working days as from the dispatch of the e-mail or of the registered mail of renunciation.
The returned products must be sent as good as new, in their packing of origin also in perfect condition, inevitably accompanied with their delivery notes.
www.vitalherbspets.be reimburses, on receiving of or of products turned (s), the sum of concerned order, as far as one or several products concerned one (there) t in perfect condition.
The Client cannot return his postpaid products of harbour.

16. Payment

Generally speaking, orders passed via Service are payable by credit cards, bancontact or banking transfer, respectively via a reassured server or a partner of www.vitalherbspets.be.
In case of use of a credit card, one will ask, at the time of order, your financial organism for a permission.
www.vitalherbspets.be rest possessing products sold up to the complete payment of price.

17. Right intellectuals

The Internet site www.vitalherbspets.be and the contents are protected by the copyright. All pictures on the site, including the text, photos, illustrations, graphs, (commercial) names, logos, commercial marks and service marks, are exclusive property or are under licence of Vital' Herbs (Zoma sprl) and protected by royalties, rights of possession industrial and commercial and/or quite other right of intellectual possession. Rights of possession (intellectual) are transferred under no circumstances to the (lawful) entity with access to the site. The contents of the site can be used only for not commercial private aims. The user of the site cannot reproduce, transmit, distribute or circulate the contents of the present site or return his contents accessible to thirds for payment, without the prior written agreement of Vital' Herbs (Zoma sprl). References or hyperlinks towards other sites which are not the property with Vital' Herbs (Zoma sprl) are only given for the information of the user of the site. Vital' Herbs (Zoma sprl) cannot give guarantee or accept the slightest responsibility regarding the contents of aforementioned sites. Any offence of such right intellectuals will give rise to civil and criminal chases.

18. Disclaimer – Limitation of responsibility

www.vitalherbspets.be will not be able to be kept responsible for a direct or indirect detriment (loss of working, loss of benefit, loss of chance) whatever it is following from the use of Service.
www.vitalherbspets.be incurs moreover no responsibility concerning the contents of the sites of third towards which she establishes a link hypertext, especially with regard to the protection of private life.
www.vitalherbspets.be could not be kept for representative for the nonperformance of orders, in this including in case of force majeure, of disturbance or complete or partial strike notably of postal services and means of transport and/or communications, in case of inundation or of fire.
Information published on the site constitutes only a part of information to be considered in all therapeutic situations. This information must be substituted under no circumstances for a lighted therapeutic opinion. Vital' Herbs (Zoma sprl) is responsible not at all towards the user for any decision, action or omission that it took in touch with the information contained on the site. If your dog or cat needs care it is always necessary to consult a veterinarian.

19. Languages

www.vitalherbspets.be offers the procedure of online order to the Purchasers in 3 languages: The French / Dutch / English

20. Archiving

Contracts concluded via Service are archived by www.vitalherbspets.be but are not accessible to thirds (in this including the Purchasers).

21. Private life

In accordance with Charter Private life introduced on the site www.vitalherbs.be and to whom he is returned,
www.vitalherbspets.be gets involved in the respect for the law of December 8th, 1992 relating to the protection of private life regarding data processing with personal character.

22. Litigations

Any disagreement relating to use of Service and to application or interpretation of the present General terms of Sale will be exclusively governed by the right Belgian.
The courts of Nivelles will be alone competent in case of litigation.

23. Customer Service Department and claims

For the monitoring of order and/or for any question or possible claim as for the compliance of products delivered as part of Service, Purchaser can contact in:
www.vitalherbspets.be-ZOMA SPRL
Drève de L'infante 27 / P5
B - On 1410 Waterloo
Phone.: 32 (0) 477.59.13.88
E-mail info@vitalherbspets.be
The transactional proposals which could be formulated in commercial title will be able, under no circumstances, to be interpreted as a renunciation of the present General terms of Sale

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